Roller Barrier

Rolling Guard-rail BarrierFor Medial StripsFor CEFor RoadsidesFor Tunnel FrontsFor Facility Protection

Features of Rolling Barrier

  1. A three-dimensional rotating barrel with high intensity reflective sheeting attached make vehicle protection facilities noticeable and improves drivers’ visibility to prevent vehicle accidents.
  2. The product converts shock energy to rotational energy to prevent 2nd collision accidents and lane departure
  3. The product guides an accident vehicle in the moving direction vehicle to prevent rear-end collisions with following cars.
  4. EVA shock-absorbing drugs absorb great shock.
  5. Bearing power increased by dense propsprevents accident vehicles from leaving the roadway.
  6. Buffering brackets absorb the 2nd shock.
  7. D-shape frame structures can absorb complex shock.
  8. Railway rails and liquid props absorb shock for accident vehicles, and frames with the smooth surface adjust tires of the vehicles and guide them in the moving direction to prevent 2nd rear-end collisions.
  9. The product is shock-absorbing guard fence with strong frames, dense props and flexible rotating barrel.
  10. Independent props, which make it possible to replace only damaged parts, reduce maintenance costs.

How Rolling Guardrail Works

  1. The rotating barrel converts great shock from vehicle collision to rotational energy to absorb shock.
  2. Upper and lower frames adjust tires of large and small vehicles to prevent the steering system function loss.
  3. The three-dimensional structure of D-shaped frame and buffering bracket distribute and absorb the 2nd shock.
  4. Props at an interval of 0.7 m increase bearing power to prevent accident vehicles from going over the guardrail and turning over into a dangerous area.
  5. The product has a rotating barrel made of EVA with excellent shock absorption power, three-dimensional buffering frames and dense props supporting the frames.

Rolling Guard-rail Barrier for Medial Strips, Level SB4

  • The rolling barrier (34.5 cm in width) is narrower than typical medial strips(48 cm).
  • Independent props, which can be individually repaired, reduce maintenance costs.
  • Props at an interval of 0.7m increase bearing power to prevent cars from leaving the roadway.
  • High intensity reflective sheeting strengthens drivers’ visibility day and night

Rolling Guard-rail Barrier for Banking Section, Level SB4

  • Liquidity of railway rails absorbs the 3rd shock
  • It is perfect for risky districts such as inclines of riversides and banking section
  • Its height of 960 mm prevents cars from leaving the roadway.

Rolling Guard-rail Barrier for Roadsides, Level SB5

  • The rotating barrel converts shock energy to rotational energy
  • The EVA rotating barrel absorbs collision shock.
  • The buffering bracket in the lower section absorbs the 2nd shock.
  • Liquidity of railway rails absorbs the 3rd shock.

Rolling Guard-rail Barrier for Tunnel Fronts

Existing bell mouths for tunnel fronts and PE guard fences for large accidents are not effective because they are breakable or cannot absorb shocking. Rolling barriers for tunnel fronts have excellent collision impact protection ability and tremendous absorption power so that the product guides cars in the moving direction upon crash to prevent 2ndcollisions.

Rolling Guard-rail Barrier for Facility Protection

Possible to change in varies forms

The product can change in various forms to protect different types of road facilities (including bridges and traffic signal posts)

Examples of daytime gaze leading and nighttime clear view