Noise Barrier – Evonik

High Speed Railway Roma – Napoli (Italy)

Milano – Linate, Italy

Parramatta Rail Link, Sydney, Australia

Railway Station Baden-Baden, Germany

Airportexpress Hongkong

Why Plexiglas Soundstop ?

  1. Because we’re the only producer with a full team dedicate to Noise and Wind Barrier application.
  2. Because we can offer a great technical assistance
  3. Because we have a complete range of certifications for Railroads & Railways applications in Noise protection and Wind protections
  4. Because our worldwide recognized quality
  5. Because our 30 years of guarantee
  6. Because our 20 years/life test with great results
  7. Because we’re a reliable supplier with reasonable delivery time.
  8. Because our competitors, who produce PMMA, they just made the same product used for other application without any special treatment
  9. Because we’re worldwide distributed
  10. But mainly, Because our 30 years of experience with applications all around the world