STREET-TINT = MCLEOD-ST is a single product, water and force based. Used as a marker, on the surface of asphalt, reinforced concrete and metal. Force is a polymer mated with bioresin (SEBS) and esterfied (EVA) technology.

This product has many colors that can be adjusted to the needs and specifications of the user. This product can withstand environmental weather, and vehicle power stirring friction, so it can protect asphalt, regetated concrete and metal surfaces.

This product without the use of glass beads, this product is an Eco-Friendly, Marking product because in the application of this product there is no combustion.

Example of application at Rampi Airport :

MCLEOD-ST is can also be applied using a marking machine or manually.

Advantages of MCLEOD-ST:

  • Can adapt in any way
  • Have a wider choice of colors
  • Texture can be adjusted to your needs
  • Efficiency does not require long drying times
  • Resilience will not peel off easily when used according to its function
  • Drying speed with a thickness of 3-4 mm within 2 hours
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, does not contain metal, bio-accumulative, or chemicals, does not contain biocides, is safe for the environment and waste can be disposed of in a regular trash can.