Colour Coating Paint is used on paved roads with a variety of color choices.

This product has many colors that can be adjusted to the needs and specifications of the user. This product can withstand environmental weather, and vehicle power stirring friction, so it can protect asphalt, regetated concrete and metal surfaces.

This product without the use of glass beads, this product is an Eco-Friendly, Marking product because in the application of this product there is no combustion.

Example of application at Manado - Bitung Toll Road:

Example of application at Balikpapan Toll Road:

Example of application at Jagorawi Toll Road:

Product Spesification of MCLEOD-CP :

  • Cement-based waterproof coating
  • Waterproof paint/coating that has a minimum compression
  • strength of 41.4MPa and has a maximum absorbency of
  • water absorption of 4.3% tested to ASTM C-67

Advantages of MCLEOD-CP:

  • Can adjust to environmental weather conditions
  • Texture can be customized according to needs
  • Efficiency does not require long drying time
  • Durability will not easily peel off if used in accordance with its function
  • Powerful industrial paint/coating.
  • Cementicious content can fill existing surface imperfections.
  • Penetrating power into the pore unites the surface and paint.
  • Toughness against air and water evaporation is much higher than existing paints.
  • Higher than existing paints. So there will be no flaking that results in peeling.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, does not contain metal, bio-accumulative, or chemicals, does not contain biocides, is safe for the environment and waste can be disposed of in a regular trash can.

Spreadability of MCLEOD-CP:

  • Application by brush/roller: 0.5mm thick = 0.75kg/m2 1.0mm thick = 1.5kg/m2
  • Application with trowel: 2.0mm thick = 3kg/m2
  • Spray/bucket application 20 kg = 50 mtr2

Performance Data of MCLEOD-CP:

Compression strength

ASTM-C109: 7 Days - 34.5MPa, 28 Days - 41.4MPa


ASTM C-67: 24 hours soak - 4.3%

loss by boiling 5 hours - 4.9%

Resistance to wind driven rain

TTP-P-0035: 60kph 8 hours no penetration


ASTM 0822 and ASTM G23

After 5000 hours no deterioration