MCLEOD-ART is a coating that has friction and color according to existing needs.

MCLEOD-ART also serves as a command or guide for road users.

Our products are Eco-friendly.

Example of application at Manado - Bitung Toll Road:

Example of application at Balikpapan Toll Road:

Example of application at Jagorawi Toll Road:

Product Spesification of MCLEOD-COLDPLAST :

  • Cement-based waterproof coating
  • Waterproof paint/coating that has a minimum compression
  • strength of 41.4MPa and has a maximum absorbency of
  • water absorption of 4.3% tested to ASTM C-67


  • Can adjust to environmental weather conditions
  • Texture can be customized according to needs
  • Efficiency does not require long drying time
  • Durability will not easily peel off if used in accordance with its function
  • Powerful industrial paint/coating.
  • Cementicious content can fill existing surface imperfections.
  • Penetrating power into the pore unites the surface and paint.
  • Toughness against air and water evaporation is much higher than existing paints.
  • Higher than existing paints. So there will be no flaking that results in peeling.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, does not contain metal, bio-accumulative, or chemicals, does not contain biocides, is safe for the environment and waste can be disposed of in a regular trash can.

Spreadability of MCLEOD-COLDPLAST:

  • Application by brush/roller: 0.5mm thick = 0.75kg/m2 1.0mm thick = 1.5kg/m2
  • Application with trowel: 2.0mm thick = 3kg/m2
  • Spray/bucket application 20 kg = 50 mtr2

Performance Data of MCLEOD-COLDPLAST:

Compression strength

ASTM-C109: 7 Days - 34.5MPa, 28 Days - 41.4MPa


ASTM C-67: 24 hours soak - 4.3%

loss by boiling 5 hours - 4.9%

Resistance to wind driven rain

TTP-P-0035: 60kph 8 hours no penetration


ASTM 0822 and ASTM G23

After 5000 hours no deterioration