CEMERLANG GROUP is a green supplier, contractor, safety, and oil & gas company headquartered in vibrant South Jakarta and entrusted with projects nationally by a number of our clients.

We are grateful for sustainable economic growth in Indonesia. We started from its humble beginnings a few years ago, to become one of the group entities grow healthy and operate in various sectors. CEMERLANG GROUP was established based on family values, reliable work ethics and by utilizing evaluation procedures as part of quality and accreditation international. The products we use are ISO accredited.

The list of repeat client incentives is proof of the quality of our work and we have been trusted by our clients. We are grateful to feel this support. We have confirmed that we have remained strong all this time from the toughest economic times, when some of our competitors have not been lucky, we still can do business well. We continue to invest in our most important assets, competent employees follow ongoing professional development and training. And we are heartened to organize the board of directors and professional staff with a very low staff turnover from year to year.

As a contractor engaged in its field, CEMERLANG GROUP is proud to be able to offer services and products with the latest innovations to a variety of clients, including government projects, private companies, developers, producers and industries throughout Indonesia.

At present, CEMERLANG GROUP is moving one step forward by developing its wings into the oil and gas business, infrastructure, safety, water treatment, waste treatment and environmental maintenance sectors. We also want to thank our business partners and employees who have taken it challenges to achieving our long-term goals. We are very lucky to be able to work with people who welcome new ideas, seek innovation and support a safe and healthy workplace. We hope to work together to add value to businesses and meet challenges in the coming years.

Our slogan is "URIP IKU URUP".

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