Premium Asphalt & Force Mix

  • DOWN TIME is only 30 minutes.
  • Our flazcoat is not slippery because we still use AGGREGATE/MINERAL instead of clay such as flazcoat made from coal tar which is very dangerous.
  • Our flazcoat make asphalt surfaces tough yet flexible, even when added friction is needed.
  • Of course the asphalt surface coated with our flazcoat will be more durable.
  • Asphalt protection from oil, gasoline, sun, acid, salt, fire heat, and water.
  • Our flazcoat can be applied to asphalt, concrete and metal pavement surfaces with different formulas.
  • FORCE we use has premium adhesion. We guarantee that there will be no FOD or Flying Object Debris. (guaranteed there will be no revelling)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY & SAFETY are the basic things we use in all our products. The application method is cool and easy.
  • Our product is pavement rejuvenator and has premium viscosity properties.
  • Prevents Corrosion on metallic media and Increases Friction.
Examples of good applications at Kualanamu International Airport, North Sumatra: