The Easy, Fast & Economical Spot Repair for Alligatored Asphalt & Divots

DANOES-SL01 is a single package, water dispersed, polymer modified, mineral filled, violet-black, cementious asphalt coating surface treatment for alligatored or divot scarred pavement. Polymerization via FORCE and fortified with polyester fiber/select rock blends produces an easy to apply, tough and resilient coating able to withstand abuse of environment and vehicular impact while extending the service life of the pavement.

DANOES-SL01 Advantages:

  • May be applied above freezing and on most damp or dry surfaces.
  • High build single pass coverage.
  • Tenacious adhesion. Will not delaminate.
  • Rapid curing at modest temperatures.
  • Contractors limited to flazcoat only repairs can now participate in jobs typically requiring removal and replacement of asphalt cement.
  • More cost effective repair in surfaces with minor to moderate stressed asphalt.
  • Contains no bio-accumulative metals, or chemicals; contains no biocides.
  • Non-hazardous in cured form; therefore, may be disposed as cured residue into any municipal landfill.


  • Designed for application as a permanent, protective top coating of asphaltic pavement assets used as airport, parking lots, industrial warehouse floors, driveways, surface streets and highways.
  • An effective filler and leveler (undiluted) for shallow divots in most rigid substrates.

Physical Specifications (ASTM D 2939):

UniformityDensity[lbs/gal]pHPercent SolidsViscocity [KU]
No Seperation10.4 – 10.69-1172-75%125-140
Firm Set [Hrs]Ash ContentFlexibilityWater ResistanceAshesion
4 Maximum70% MinimumPassPassPass

Transmission of Information:

Container SizeUnit Per PalletWeight Per PalletWeight Per Pallet (Kg)Pallet Per 48’
5 Gallon Pails362100100018
Super Sacks12800 – 30001270 – 136017